Allahabad HC Awards Rs 50,000 Compensation for 28-Year Wait: GPF Payment Delayed to Mere Rs 5,900

GPF Released after 28 years


“After being compulsorily retired in 1983, the petitioner was entitled to receive a payment of Rs 7,340, which was eventually received in 2021.”

The Allahabad High Court has ordered the government to pay a senior citizen Rs.50,000. The payment was for a delayed payment of his General Provident Fund (GPF) amount. The petitioner, Naresh Singh, was made to wait for 28 years for payment of Rs. 5,900 and another 9 years for the remaining payment of Rs.1440. The court said it was shocked by the treatment meted out to the petitioner, and it was gross injustice by the authorities. The court held that the petitioner deserved compensation for suffering caused by the delay and ordered the payment of a lump-sum interest amount for the delayed payment of his GPF dues. The court asked the Revenue Department of Uttar Pradesh to pay the compensation within four weeks.

Allahabad High Court Awards Rs 50,000 Compensation for 28-Year Wait on GPF Payment

The Allahabad High Court, under the jurisdiction of Justice Dinesh Kumar Singh (who has now been transferred to Kerala High Court), recently ruled in favor of a senior citizen, Naresh Singh, ordering a compensation of Rs 50,000 for the delayed payment of his General Provident Fund (GPF) amount.

A Shocking 28-Year Delay: Justice Denied for Senior Citizen’s GPF Payment

In its order dated July 13, the court expressed shock at the treatment meted out to the petitioner by the department. It was disheartening to discover that the petitioner had to wait for an astounding 28 years to receive a meager amount of Rs. 5,900, and another 9 years to obtain the remaining payment. The court remarked that this situation shook its conscience, especially considering that there was no interest paid on the delayed GPF amount.

Neglect of Authorities: A Gross Injustice to the Petitioner

The court held the neglect of the respondent authorities to be a “gross injustice” to Naresh Singh and, therefore, ordered compensation as lump-sum interest on the delayed payment of his due GPF amount.

Decades of Struggle: Senior Citizen’s Quest for GPF Payment

Naresh Singh, who was compulsorily retired in 1983, had been pursuing the payment of his due GPF amount of Rs 7,340 since his retirement. After an excruciating wait of around 28 years, he received Rs 5,900 on March 16, 2012, leaving Rs 1,440 still pending.

Seeking Relief: High Court Intervention in 2018

In 2018, he approached the high court seeking relief while the proceedings were pending. On August 21, 2021, he received the remaining amount, but it was paid without any interest on the delayed payment.

Justice Served: High Court Awards Compensation for Suffering

The high court kept the matter open for further consideration until finally delivering justice last week by awarding compensation for the suffering caused to him.

Compensation Ordered: Revenue Department of UP to Pay Within Four Weeks

The court directed the Revenue Department of UP to pay the compensation amount to Naresh Singh within four weeks from the date of the order.

Case Title: Naresh Singh Senior Citizen v. State of UP

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